Dear Mumbai .... and farewell to New York

On the last day of our NY training, ten of us - Acumen Fellows class of 2011 - read a letter to our respective placement city at the Acumen's annual Investors Gathering. (In my case, the letter starts with "Dear Mumbai ...")

For weeks, we worked on writing a letter - wrote one, read, scrap, wrote again... I'm sure each of us had at least 10 versions of the letter. We read our letter to each other, and shared feelings and feedback over and over again. These are the letters coming from the deepest place of our hearts.

On the stage, as I was listening for the last time to everyone else, I could not help but feel honored to be part of the group. What incredible individuals my fellow Fellows are!!

We spent everyday together for last 8 weeks, sharing deepest feelings which I myself have forgotten that I had. We come from very different places and experiences, yet we share so much passion, feelings, fears, and love.

Now, alone in Mumbai, I miss my 9 siblings (!?) and at the same time feel empowered as I think we are all in the process of exploring a new place and new work.

With all the gratitude to the Acumen community, friends, and Fellows!

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