Anitya Bhavana

Apparently I think too much.  (Finally realized?!)
I think too much before I speak out.
My colleagues tell me, “Don’t think. Just say it.”
I’m finally coming to know that thinking doesn’t help, or worse it may even harm the state of mind.

I came across this passage at the yoga class. 

What was in the morning is not at mid-day,What was at mid-day is not in the evening,What was in the evening is not at night,What was at night is not at mid-night,For all things are transitory.Why should I be attached to anything
when nothing is permanent and everything is changeful? 
(Anitya Bhavana)

"Anitya" means impermanence. 

What has happened has happened.
What is happening is happening anyway.
What will happen will happen.
Nothing stays unchanged. Everything comes and goes.

Why stop and think too much when everything else is constantly moving?
Give up the control, give up thinking.
Keep walking, go with the flow, and live the moment.

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