Ambulance on its way

90 basic life support ambulances are on their way to people of Punjab.

I have come to Amritsar, Punjab, India, to prepare for the launch of 90 ambulances on 31 March.

Not all of the ambulances are ready yet, but some are standing in front of our office, waiting for the time to come!

They are not yellow ambulances which people in Mumbai and in the Acumen community are familiar with.
The phone number you should call will also be not 1298, but 108 as the sticker on the side of ambulance says.

It is the initiative by the Punjab State Government. Under the public private partnership, Ziqitza Health Care is undertaking the operation of emergency ambulance services for next five years. The project will start with 90 ambulances at the end of this month, then increase the number of ambulances up to 240.

For a person like me who come from the place where emergency ambulance service is already available, it  is an amazing experience to go through the process of setting up one from scratch. So many pieces of puzzle has to come together in the next few weeks!

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  1. Wait... so what will we call it now? Dial 1298 or Dial 108?! You've only been there for 4 months and you're changing everything!!